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A Typical Crop Claim – Demystified

We are commonly asked by our clients what to do if they discover damage to their crop as a result of an insured event. So that you, our valued client can achieve the best outcome for your claim, below is a typical scenario that you may find helpful.

Damage discovered while harvesting

You are harvesting your crop and discover the yield has decreased and can visually see damage to the crop.  You immediately contact us at Country Wide Insurance Brokers to notify of a potential claim.  As your broker, we then assist you in the handling of your claim. 

The claim is registered on the Insurer’s system and allocated to one of their qualified assessing firms.  The assessor will generally contact you within 24 hours to discuss the loss.  So that harvest isn’t interrupted completely, the requirement of your Insurer is that you leave 5 evenly spaced sample inspection areas of at least 10 square metres in every 40 hectares of the insured paddock.  This requirement is often discussed with the assessor when they call.

The assessment

The loss assessor will arrange a time for assessment that is mutually suitable for you to accompany the assessor.  The assessor will respectfully ask you to transport them throughout the damaged crops.  Having you fully involved in the process is imperative to understand the assessment of your loss and ultimately confirm your agreement with the survey results.

Following the assessment

Once the adjuster has surveyed the damaged crop the adjuster will formulate a calculation sheet and provide this to you for review, sign and return. A copy is also sent to us so that we may be involved where further advocacy on your behalf is required.

Upon return of the signed calculation sheet to the adjuster a final report will be issued to the Insurer for consideration.

The Insurer will then review the report and issue a Declaration of Loss form for you to sign and return.  This form can only be issued once you have returned your Broadacre Paddock Adjustment Schedule to us to then forward to the Insurer’s underwriting team. 

The invoice of the insurance premium will then be generated.  Settlement of the claim will be made following full payment of the premium. 


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