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5 Country Adventures Off the Beaten Track

With offices located in country towns across Western Australia – Country Wide Insurance Brokers gets to see a different side to WA.

We seem to always be adding possible weekenders to our everlasting holiday lists. We toyed with the idea of keeping these places to ourselves but thought we would share them with you, our CWIB community, especially now you’re travelling around WA more than ever before.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 country adventures off the beaten track near the regions we service. Hopefully, you’ll discover somewhere new to travel next time you hit the road!

1. Mandurah/Peel – Lane Pool Reserve

Lane Pool Reserve is by no means a secret location but one that gets swept aside in favour of destinations further down south. But when people do visit, they tend to want to return as soon as possible.

The national park is 100km out of Perth in Dwellingup and is a favourite for camping trips or a day out in nature. Covering over 50,000 hectares, the “naturescape” provides plenty of opportunities to explore.

The Darling Scarp is filled with bushwalking trails including Island Pool, Chuditch, Nanga Brook and King Jarrah, and the Bibbilmum Track passes through as well. The Murray River is a key feature, so you can swim, fish, canoe and raft to your heart’s content.

2. Northam – CBH Grain Group Public Silo

“Take art out of galleries. Daub it thrillingly high and deliciously differently. Make it far-flung. Monumental. Visible from remote highways and over treetops. Emblazon it in unexpected places.” This is the idea behind the Public Silo Trail, a trail that invites people to explore Western Australia through public art.

FORM WA was behind the first “art silos” in Australia. Artists Phlegm (UK) and HENSE (US) painted the CBH Group grain silos in Northern in March 2015. If you’re an art lover, the Northern silos are definitely worth checking out. And if you’re super keen on seeing public art you can also visit the town’s newest mural at the historic Flour Mill. Amok Island’s artwork is called “The Last Swans” and pays tribute to the only white swans living in the wild in Australia.

3. Wheatbelt – Elachbutting Rock

Wave Rock is certainly a must-see but if you want to avoid the crowd, Elachbutting Rock is a quieter alternative. Located near the midpoint of the highway between Perth and Kalgoorlie, 100 km north of Westonia, Elachbutting Rock is a bit out of the way but this is what makes it a hidden gem!

Elachbutting Rock is a granite outcrop featuring a 30m tunnel called Monty’s Pass, which was caused by a rock slide. Our team at Cunderdin has driven the 2.5-hour distance to see this rock formation and can attest that it’s worth the visit. There’s a 6km walking track around the rock and camping facilities nearby too.

4. Narrogin – Dryandra Woodland

Staying in Narrogin or driving through? If you love nature, check out Dryandra Woodland. It’s the largest remnant of natural vegetation in Australia’s Western Wheatbelt, and home to 100 species of birds, 24 mammals and 41 reptile species.

If you love learning about animals, we recommend going on the 25 km radio gravel drive trail called the ‘Sounds of Dryandra’. It takes you through six steps that transmit stories about the history and animals of the area. In spring and winter, the native flowers will wow even those impartial to blooms.

5. Moora – Wildflower Country

Whether you’re a fan of flowers or not, wildflower season is a beauty to behold. Wildflower Country showcases the wonderful colours of WA native flowers across nine areas north of Perth including Carnamah, Coorow, Dalwallinu and Greater Geraldton.

There are two main ways to explore Wildflower Country, including Wildflower Way and The Midlands Route, and you can start your journey in Moora. The best time to go is between August to November. Make sure you bring your camera!

We look forward to hearing about your WA adventure!