Meet CWIB’s Mandurah team

Posted on: Friday, 17 August 2018.

CWIB Mandurah Team

(from left to right) Chris Jones, Naomi Bradmore, Helen Di Bello, Ray Ball, Rochelle Caranna, Nicole Shord, Mark Kent

Everyone knows that at Country Wide Insurance Brokers, we are all about people. This time around, we are thrilled to share with you professional information and quirky facts about the fantastic people that make up our passionate and dynamic Mandurah team.  

Chris Jones

Area Manager | Peel - South West

Chris has had the opportunity to work with a broad range of clientele from South West WA - developing great rapport and sustainable partnerships with clients. Chris joined CWIB with already 10 years of experience in the insurance industry. His favourite thing about his role at CWIB is the great team atmosphere and culture.

Things Chris can’t live without

His 1984 weber kettle and his restored Scott Bonnar lawnmower.

What would Chris be doing if he wasn’t in the insurance game

Michelin star food reviewer.

Most adventurous thing Chris has ever done

Abseiling 20m off a cliff face, then down through a crevice into a subterranean cave in the blue mountains.

One random fact about Chris

He has got sweet dance moves - or so he says.


Naomi Bradmore

Assistant Account Manager | Peel - South West

One of the longest-serving account managers in the Mandurah team, Naomi has been with CWIB for seven years. She’s passionate about her clients and loves how varied they are - allowing her to learn a great deal about other industries.

Things Naomi can’t live without

Her Garmin Vivo HR watch.  

What would Naomi do if she wasn’t in this industry

Forensic Criminologist.

Most adventurous thing Naomi has ever done

Camping in Northern WA, canoeing through the gorges and diving from a 40ft cliff.

One random fact about Naomi

She hates lemon meringue.


Helen Di Bello

Assistant Account Manager | Peel - South West

Coffee-lover Helen has been part of the CWIB Mandurah team for five years. Being in contact with clients is what makes her love her job so much - on top of an endless list of interesting and funny days working with the Mandurah team.   

Things Helen can’t live without


What would Helen do if she wasn’t in this industry

Professional coffee drinker.

Most adventurous thing Helen has ever done

Bungee jumping.

One random fact about Helen

She doesn’t drink tea.


Ray Ball

Director and Chairman

Ray is proud of being part of the founding of CWIB and even prouder seeing where the company is at today. During his 24 years at CWIB, he has enjoyed working with loyal staff and building long-lasting relationships with great clients.

Things Ray can’t live without

Wife, family and pet dog.

What would Ray be doing if he wasn’t in the insurance game

Professional golfer.

Most adventurous thing Ray has ever done

He walked the famous Tree Top walk in Geelong despite being afraid of heights, which made the walk particularly challenging.

One random fact about Ray

He can shear a sheep and ride a horse (not at the same time though!)


Rochelle Caranna

Assistant Account Manager | Peel - South West

An invaluable team member at CWIB for two years, Rochelle loves the satisfying feeling of being able to assist clients with insurance risks. She is committed to putting the client first, building a reputation for always delivering great service.

Things Rochelle can’t live without

A good espresso martini.

What would Rochelle do if she wasn’t in this industry

Travel blogger.  

Most adventurous thing Rochelle has ever done

Mountain trekking and skiing in the Swiss Alps.

One random fact about Rochelle

She’s a huge animal and marine life lover.


Nicole Shord

Assistant Account Manager | Peel - South West

Nicole is passionate about all the CWIB people. She loves working with a team of people that she can call friends, and she’s grateful for all the strong relationships she has built with clients over the three years at CWIB. Nothing makes her happier professionally than hearing a client being thankful for her assistance - client satisfaction is the ultimate reward.   

Things Nicole can’t live without

Salami and mascara... and her family, of course!

What would Nicole do if she wasn’t in this industry

A psychologist, either Clinical Health or Criminal Psychologist.   

Most adventurous thing Nicole has ever done

Abseiling and doing a high ropes course - quite challenging when you’re afraid of heights!

One random fact about Nicole

She secretly loves to watch teen Disney movies.  


Mark Kent

Account Manager | Peel - South West & North West - Kimberley

Mark has been a valued member of the Mandurah team for six years, providing prompt service and advice to his clients whose needs he deeply cares about. He’s grateful to be part of a large company that is so invested in the needs of its clients and has the resources to provide great service.

Things Mark can’t live without


What would Mark do if he wasn’t in this industry

Full-time traveller.

Most adventurous thing Mark has ever done

Riding a motor scooter on a highway in Vietnam.

One random fact about Mark

He wants to become a better golfer.  

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