Heading on Holiday for Easter? Here’s some tips for protecting your home

Posted on: Tuesday, 27 March 2018.

The Easter break should be about rest and family, not major headaches. If you are heading out of town, even just for the weekend, you might want to consider taking these simple precautions to keep your home safe and give you peace of mind.

1 - Be mindful

While the temptation may be to broadcast your holiday plans to the world via social media, much of what we say is public, searchable and available to people who may take advantage. Save the updates and photos until after you get back, especially if your home will be unattended.

2 - Ensure a clear line of sight to your house

Deterring thieves from targeting your house can be as simple as cutting back trees and trimming bushes that may obscure a clear line of sight to doors and windows. Movement sensor lights may also help deter thieves as they leave no darkness to hide in.

3 - Make sure your house has signs of life

Asking a friend or neighbour to collect your mail, park in the driveway and take the bins out is an easy way to ensure the house looks like someone is there or could return any minute. If you are planning on spending more than the Easter long weekend away you might want to consider organising someone to mow your lawn while you are gone.

4 - Unplug your electronics

The last thing you want to come home to after a relaxing break is a smoking pile of rubble. While the risk of fire is very small, overheating or tripped wires can occur if electronic devices are left on standby or running, so unplugging them can help alleviate this risk. You can also save money and energy by remembering to unplug and switch off electronics before you leave.

5 - Hide Valuables

While most thieves are looking for cash, even a handbag or iPhone left on a table near a window can make your home a target. They may also signal that there may be more goodies inside. Try to hide valuables out of sight or consider storing them elsewhere while you are away.

Follow these easy tips for peace of mind while you are away. Rest up and enjoy your long weekend rather than spending it worrying about your home.

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