Meet our Mid West - Midlands - Central Coast Team

Posted on: Tuesday, 20 February 2018.



Meet the awesome crew of our Mid-West, Central Midlands and Central Coast offices. This hard-working bunch provide our clients with the best service in the business and ensure CWIB's excellent standards are maintained in the region.

Craig O'Neill
Area Manager | Mid West - Midlands - Central Coast

Craig has been a member of the CWIB team for over five years and prides himself on his ability to really listen to clients and providing them with the insurance solutions that fits their needs.

Three Fun Facts about Craig:

  1. Craig is an avid golfer and lists his Hole in One while representing CWIB at a corporate golf day as his proudest moment working at CWIB.
  2. Craig lived in Africa for three years when he was young, but grew up to become a long-suffering Richmond fan. Safe to say the last season of the AFL was one of his favourites.
  3. The most adventurous thing Craig has done was a solo skydive.

Emily Brown
Assistant Account Manager | Geraldton

Emily has been with the CWIB team for 12 months and has been in the Insurance industry for over four years. Her favourite thing about working at CWIB is the closeness of the branch she works in, which she describes as a little family. This atmosphere allows clients to become very familiar with the crew and makes visiting the CWIB offices a fun and productive experience.

Three Fun Facts about Emily:

  1. The one thing Emily wouldn't be able to live without is milk chocolate.
  2. Fishing is one of her favourite pastimes, and she puts a visit to the Abrolhos Islands at the top of her list of most memorable experiences.
  3. Despite her love of casting a line, one thing everyone who's had the pleasure of chatting with Emily would know is her hatred of anchovies.

Chelsea Cosgrove
Assistant Account Manager | Geraldton

Chelsea has been with the CWIB team since November 2017 and cites the friendly work environment and the clients she gets to work with as her favourite things about CWIB. She prides herself on her ability to get clients what they need as soon as possible and ensuring their satisfaction as her goal.

Three Fun Facts about Chelsea:

  1. One of Chelsea's most memorable experiences at CWIB was a photography session with Todd, which lasted a lot longer than anticipated because Todd kept making her laugh all throughout the shoot.
  2. Chelsea is an animal lover and couldn't imagine a life without her horses and dogs.
  3. She's a cool head in the most literal sense. She doesn't drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate. She prefers to get her adrenaline rush from experiences like the 53-meter drop swing she went on in Queensland.

Narelle Bein
Assistant Account Manager | Moora

Narelle has been part of the CWIB for over ten years and the personal nature of her work as the reason she gets out of bed and goes to work. She loves having a great rapport with clients as she believes its a lot easier to go the extra mile for people you like and the personal understanding helps her deliver the client's exact needs.

Three Fun Facts about Narelle:

  1. Narelle lived and worked on a mix farming enterprise in Alberta, Canada.
  2. Narelle's idea of heaving would be living and working on a cattle station somewhere in the Top End of Australia. Riding good stock horses, mustering Brahman cattle with a team of great working dogs, the life!
  3. The one thing (or four) Narelle couldn't live without is her boys, Todd, Tiger, Bronson & Tommie. Three of them are horses, guess which ones.

Todd Bein
Account Manager | Moora

Todd has been at CWIB for five and a half years and takes pride in understanding his clients and their requirements and delivering results above his clients' expectations.

Three Fun Facts about Todd:

  1. Todd's favourite thing about working at CWIB? The homemade scones he gets at a review.
  2. The proudest moment of his time at CWIB was the time he gave Craig O'Neill some of his expert golfing tips just before Craig got his first ever Hole in One.
  3. The one thing people don't know about him is the fact that he can't live without Fat Yak.

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