The Best Spring Breaks In Our Backyard

Posted on: Tuesday, 7 November 2017.

Spring is the season of rebirth, a chance to plan a getaway is vital for gaining recovery time and preparing for the mad dash at the end of the year. We all occasionally lose focus on what’s important, and need to switch off the phone to reconnect with our nearest and dearest.

If you’re keen to break away from all the office jargon about “blue sky thinking” and actually enjoy a day under the blue sky, read about some of our favourite escapes, suitable for a day trip (or overnight if you can spare the time).

Avon Valley

The river is full and fresh; the baby ducklings are about. Yep, spring is the perfect time to visit the Avon Valley with the family.

Located around an hour from Perth, you might like to make a stop in York to tour this historic town, one of the oldest in the state. Then, pick up some supplies from the supermarket for picnic lunch down by the river banks of the Avon.

The area is also known as a hot air ballooning hotspot. It’s an unforgettable way to experience a sunrise on a clear spring day, and worth booking overnight accommodation due to the pre-dawn start.

Cervantes/Jurien Bay

Two hours from Perth on the WA Coral Coast is one of the gateways to the Pinnacles. During late spring you’ll be well placed to experience the spectacular wildflower season, June through October, when the drive along the Indian Ocean coast is bordered with bright bouquets of abundant flora.

Then there’s the rock lobster (cue the B52’s song getting stuck in your head). The recreational season for catching these crustaceans is 15 October-June, or let someone else do the hard work and enjoy one prepared at the famous Lobster Shack.


“There is something of the marvellous in all things of nature,” wrote Aristotle. Natural environments promote calmness and well-being, and getting close to nature is not as far as distant as it may seem in the bustling city. Dwellingup is a peaceful retreat and treat for the senses, just 90 minutes from Perth.

After the long, wet winter, spring fire restrictions are usually low. So send the little ones out to gather the kindling, and pack the tent and Esky for an overnight escape. If it’s a hot day, go for a splash in Lane Pool, or trek the many easy walking paths around the area.


“The horses!” my partner exclaimed. It’s hard not to get giddy about seeing all the animals on a drive to Gidgegannup. The area is home to many farms, and also farm stays if you’re keen to wake up on a misty morning to the sight of kangaroos munching on the paddock.

Take a walk around the Noble Fall walk trail and finish with a meal at one of the Taverns or Cafes in town,  or book ahead to visit  Paruna Sanctuary and take on its many walk trails of varying difficulty.


Yes, the place known for it’s freshly squeezed orange juice has an abundance of orchards, as well as jarrah forests, rivers and dams and wineries. While you’re in town, Stirling Cottage is the place to stop for a light lunch and to enjoy the meticulously maintained gardens. Kudos to the groundskeepers!

If you’d prefer to BYO and barbecue in the great outdoors, the Harvey Dam picnic area, at the base of the dam, has free barbecues as well as a play area suited to the little ones. Be sure to pick up some fresh produce before heading back to the big smoke.

Ledge Point / Lancelin

Lancelin, and it’s smaller sister, Ledge Point, both have the makings of perfect destination to get some dust on that 4WD.

Rather than dodge traffic in peak hour, slice the dunes (in selected areas) in your car or on a sandboard, before having a splash in the coastal waters a little further north. The beach is a perfect place to replenish those (very good) negative ions, and the warmer weather means it's time to go swimming, boating, fishing, surfing, or anything on the water.


There’s a reason why Mandurah became the retirement capital of WA: those folks know how to relax. Mandurah has grown a lot since it’s days as the beach-shack getaway an hour from Perth. There’s more to do than ever, including the Just 4 Fun Aqua Park - for kids and kids at heart - ones now the weather is warming up.

Or spend a few hours wading in the Estuary with the crab nets, trying to scoop those blue swimmer crabs. Just be sure to check the bagging limits per person or per boat before you do!  

Mundaring and Perth Hills

Ideal for a weekend day trip, a Mundaring is just under an hour-and-a-half from the city. Home to the Mundaring Weir and associated museum, you can mix exercising your body and brain.

This one’s great for those with young kids, with short walk trails and picnicking spots in and around John Forrest National Park. Or, if it’s a getaway for adults only, perhaps hit the cellar doors of some of the wineries in the Bickley Valley, east of Kalamunda. Our pick: Hainault, the highest vineyard in Western Australia

Moore River

Fresh meets salty at the Moore River mouth, a top spot for a relaxing family holiday. One hour north of Perth, there’s the calm of the river for paddleboarding or the far side of the dividing sandbar for wild waves if surfing’s your way to relax.

Spring also means clear skies, and the Moore River region is home to the Gravity Discovery Centre and Observatory, well worth a trip. Find your place in the universe and let your troubles melt away.

Wellington National Park

Stand beneath towering jarrah and marri trees to feel the forest magic. Located around 2.5 hours drive from Perth (and 30 minutes from Bunbury) Wellington National Park is 17,000 hectares of native flora and fauna.

It’s also home to The Quarry, created in the building of Wellington Dam in the ‘30s, which is now a popular picnic area and place for rock climbing and abseiling. For something less heart-stopping, mountain bike hire is available from the Kiosk at the Dam.

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