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Posted on: Friday, 16 June 2017.

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You may have spoken with them on the phone or bumped into around town, but what don't you know about the Country Wide Insurance Brokers' (CWIB) Wheatbelt South – Great Southern team?


We threw a few questions their way and discovered a few common themes. CWIB seems to attract music lovers (of all kinds) and sure knows how to throw a decent staff party!  Intrigued? Read on...


Joanna Gray

Assistant Account Manager | Wheatbelt South – Great Southern

Joanna has been with CWIB for 6 months now, she loves the support she receives from the team and thrives on fact she gets to learn something new every day.

3 Fun Facts about Joanna:

  1. She is from New Zealand and proud to be a Kiwi.
  2. Even though Joanna is from New Zealand, she actually hates the cold weather (go figure!).
  3. Joanna loves to travel and in 2015 she spent most of the year travelling around America, Canada and Europe.


Shannon Nicholas

Receptionist / Assistant Account Manager | Wheatbelt South – Great Southern

As a natural born problem solver Shannon loves to help clients and support the team to achieve shared goals. This is her first job in the industry and she’s absolutely loving it!

3 Fun Facts about Shannon:

  1. Shannon is a true local, she grew up here.
  2. She describes herself as a quiet person, but once you get to know her that’s hard to believe.
  3. She couldn’t live without her phone and loves a chat (lucky she’s our receptionist)


Fiona Kirk

Area Manager | Great Southern

Fiona has been with CWIB for five years and loves the diversity of her role, working with a variety of businesses means that no two days are ever the same.

3 Fun Facts about Fiona:

  1. Fiona can’t live without coffee, if she wasn't working for CWIB she would be running her own niche coffee shop on the coast.
  2. Aside from her love for coffee, she is also an avid dog lover.
  3. She loves a good scare and has even been on a few paranormal adventures.


Michelle Batt

Assistant Account Manager | Wheatbelt South – Great Southern

Michelle takes a very personal approach to insurance, as a small family business owner herself she knows the importance of the right coverage for the right business.

3 Fun Facts about Michelle:

  1. Michelle is a lover of country music, she can often be heard belting out a tune and can’t wait to visit Nashville one day.
  2. Her favourite moment at CWIB would be the staff Christmas parties, but if she told us anymore about the parties, she would have to kill us.
  3. Michelle couldn’t live without her kids, they are the perfect self-esteem booster, especially when they tell her that her singing is like Pink, her food is better than Masterchef and she’s prettier than a “Barbie!


Kellie Ashby

Account Manager | Wheatbelt South – Great Southern

Kellie has been a valued member of the team for seven years, she loves building on relationships with clients and supporting growth with the local people, businesses and farmers.

3 Fun Facts about Kellie:

  1. Kellie is the resident animal lover, she loves all creatures big and small and often takes home stray animals to keep as pets.
  2. If she wasn’t working for CWIB she would be a vet, that way her dogs wouldn’t cost her an arm and a leg in vet bills!
  3. Her idea of a holiday is time spent at the beach, she loves to get away for weekends to visit the coast of our beautiful state of WA.


Paul Schutz

Area Manager | Wheatbelt South

After spending 13 years in agribusiness and 7 years in insurance with us, Paul understands the importance of being a business partner for clients. He gets ultimate satisfaction from being able to grow with them, and be there in their time of need.

3 Fun Facts about Paul:

  1. Paul is a huge Fremantle Dockers Fan.
  2. If he wasn’t working for CWIB he would pick up the family and head off on an adventure into the jungle just like the Wild Thornberry’s; exploring the world with family in tow!
  3. His funniest moment with the team was at Melbourne Cup last year when they all dressed as the village people at the Quindanning Hotel, He’ll never forget the look the bus load of retiree’s gave them when they won all the sweeps!


Glenn Leeson

Assistant Account Manager | Wheatbelt South – Great Southern

Glenn is a unique personality and certainly knows the right balance of work hard and play hard. When Glenn isn’t working hard on his stellar customer service skills or building his business relationships, you'll find him in the car park cooking pizzas, or practicing his moves for the annual Christmas party dance off.

3 Fun Facts about Glenn:

  1. Glenn considers himself quite the handyman, he loves making things…even though they often don’t work!
  2. He is a huge fan of classic rock, especially The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Dire Straits and of course, The Boss - aka. Bruce Springsteen.
  3. He absolutely loves his sport and once played an ice-hockey game on the frozen Lake Louise in Canada.

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Farewell to Kathy Bradford

Account Manager | Wheatbelt South – Great Southern

It is with sadness but warm wishes that we announce the retirement of our long-standing employee Kathy Bradford. Kathy will be leaving CWIB at the end of June to spend more time with her friends and family.

We would like to sincerely thank Kathy for her hard work and dedication over the last 13 years and wish her all the very best for the future. 

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