Meet Our Perth Team

Posted on: Tuesday, 11 April 2017.

From left to right:
(Standing): Bree Revell, Leanne Grobler, Lee-Anne Rogers, Ashleigh Sing
(Sitting): Alanah Jenkin, Matthew Jones, Chris Jones

You may have spoken with them on the phone or bumped into them at an event, but what don't you know about the Country Wide Insurance Brokers' (CWIB) Perth team? 

We threw a few questions their way and discovered a few common themes. CWIB seems to attract travel-hungry, people-loving daredevils. Intrigued? Read on!

Bree Revell

CWIB Receptionist

Bree is our resident newbie, coming into her first year at CWIB. The teams' "friendly personalities" is why she loves working with us, and likely a factor behind her favourite occasion at CWIB, which was Melbourne Cup Day.

3 Fun Facts about Bree:

  1. Easter is the one holiday she couldn't live without ("Free Chocolate"). Can't argue with that...
  2. She isn't a fan of slow walkers, so if you ever bump into Bree on the street path, be sure to keep up the pace.
  3. ...Unless you are walking your pup, because Bree is a major dog lover! 

Leanne Grobler

Internal Account Manager
Perth Metropolitan

Leanne has spent almost half of her 15 years in insurance at CWIB, and it's got a lot to do with the people she gets to meet and work with. 

3 Fun Facts about Leanne:

  1. If she wasn't at CWIB, she'd be a travel agent (probably assisting her colleagues who all seem to have the travel bug, with their next trip).
  2. It's no secret Leanne is a lively All Blacks supporter, giving the office a bit of relief from the AFL madness.
  3. A fear of heights didn't stop this adventurer from parasailing in Austria.

Lee-Anne Rogers

Internal Account Manager

Lee-Anne loves that no two days of her (almost) 3 years working at CWIB are the same, and the fact her clients are a pleasure to work with. She's proud to have lasted more than 2 years with us, but with 15+ years in the insurance industry, it comes as no surprise to us. 

3 Fun Facts about Lee-Anne:

  1. If she was blessed with a winning lotto ticket, she'd become a professional traveller.
  2. Perhaps it was her adventurous solo trip through Singapore as a fresh-faced 20-year old that triggered her love of travelling. 
  3. Her wicked and warped sense of humour provides constant amusement to the office. 

Ashleigh Sing

Internal Account Manager

CWIB have had the pleasure of Ashleigh's company and expertise for almost 10 years! She started her career in insurance at CWIB (first in Narrogin) and never left! When you've made lifelong friends with your colleagues and get to laugh each day, we guess a decade flys by.    

3 Fun Facts about Ashleigh:

  1. If you ever spot her donning Blue & Yellow, she's probably on her way to support an Eagles game. 
  2. Ashleigh doesn't like to do anything in halves... when that dream world trip rolls around she'll be going First Class.
  3. One travel experience this wild child will never forget is parasailing in the Whitsundays & Gold Cost. 

Alanah Jenkin

Senior Account Manager
Perth Metropolitan

Our red wine-loving Senior Account Manager, Alanah, has been in the insurance industry for 15 years, and 6 of those have been at CWIB. While during the day-to-day she particularly enjoys managing accounts with a variety and complexity of risk, her favourite occasion working at CWIB to date has been playing her first game of Ambrose Golf with a client. 

3 Fun Facts about Alanah:

  1. If she wasn't in the insurance game, Alanah would be making the world beautiful as an interior designer.
  2. She can't live without her moisturiser. 
  3. Alanah loves getting behind the wheel and taking a spin on the race track.

Matthew Jones

Area Manager
Perth Metropolitan

Matt, our mad Collingwood supporter has spent 4 out of his 14 years in the insurance industry at CWIB. On the client side, he loves exceeding expectations and working on a high diversity of risks, but his proudest moment at CWIB is seeing staff develop.  

3 Fun Facts about Matt:

  1. Like most of us, he couldn't contemplate living without his smart devices (i-phone and i-pad), and of course his family.
  2. If it weren't for his poor swing, he'd be a Professional Golfer, "Problem is my lack of ability, otherwise I’d be world number 1." Yeh, alright Matt...
  3. His most adventurous feat to date is paragliding off a mountain in Switzerland. "It was awesome."


Account Manager

Chris loves to add a dash of humour when working with his clients. With 11 years in the industry, he's developed a friendly and approachable nature and admires the strong focus CWIB places on customer service, as well as our depth of knowledge and experience across all products. As a perfectionist with a touch of OCD, CWIB client can be sure Chris will deliver on service expectations and promises. 

3 Fun Facts about Chris:

  1. Chris deems himself master of the turf and couldn't live without his Alroh Roller Lawnmower. He's also an oversharer, so if you ever get stuck in a conversation with Chris about lawn maintenance, we hope you have a couple hours up your sleeve... Don't say we didn't warn you! 
  2. His dream job is to be a Michelin star judge, eating his way through top notch feasts. 
  3. We all try to stay on Chris's good side as he also has a brown belt in Karate, however, he admits "I’m a tad rusty and the joints don’t move like they used to." Still, we remain cautious. 

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